Friday, July 29, 2016

The Economy: General

My economic views (keep in mind this is speaking of America):

I find that the Government's role is to protect its citizens from infringement upon their rights. These rights are
 a) life,
 b) liberty, and
 c) property.
The first two are self explanatory: the Government has the job to protect its citizens from physical harm (life) and to give them freedom (liberty). However, the third is somewhat tricky. What I mean by property is that the things you earn, either by labor, entrepreneurship, etc., are yours and yours only, and cannot be taken away from you. This prevents both individuals from taking away your property and the Government from taking away your property. 

These are the basic rights every citizen ought to have. But do they? 

Well, no. The Government currently takes property (money) away from its citizens. That's not wrong, provided it is used for its purpose (enforcement and protection of rights). But that isn't what it's being used for! It's being used for
-Free health insurance
-Free welfare
-Free social security
And countless other "free" organizations! Except none of these are "free," someone must pay for it. But these costs are distributed among the many and its benefits are concentrated among the few. Therefore, my incentive to protest against health insurance if I have private insurance is very low (approx. $100/month), but a person covered under this "free" health insurance has the initiative equivalent to the cost of private insurance (approx. $367/month). It is in this way that these laws stay in place. Is it right? No. But these laws are incredibly difficult to get rid of. 

So I will end with a question. Do we have a right to health care, welfare, social security, etc.? Or do these programs infringe on others basic human rights?

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