Monday, November 14, 2016

The Election: Part 1


Well, well, well. Not what I expected at all. I expected 20% voter turnout, blue states all around, and lots of riots.

But, the way it is now is way better than how I thought it would be, and here's why. I'll split this into two parts.


VERY happy about this one. In the debate, Clinton stated she wanted to appoint a justice who would support certain issues, such as pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, etc.. Trump wanted someone who would uphold the constitution. Simple choice here, folks. The Supreme Court's job is to use judicial review, not support certain issues. Pro-Trump on this one. (I never want to use that phrase again...)


With the Democrats having majority in Congress for the past 8 years, it'll be good to have a Republican Senate and House to reel back some leftist policies we've seen over the past years. However, that means we have McConnell as party leader for the Republicans, someone with 49% disapproval rate. Hopefully, we'll get something good out of this, though.


Well, here we have a lose-lose scenario. If Trump wins, we'll be stuck with terrible foreign relations with Mexico, the EU (those that support Syrian Refugees), and the middle east. However, based upon my research, Clinton wants war with Russia. I'd rather this country be called bad names by other nations for 4 years than to get ourselves into a war with the second most powerful nation on Earth. Not to mention how much that would run us into debt.

Stay tuned for part 2.

Also note that I didn't give any supporting articles. If you want some evidence, comment bellow and I'd be happy to give it.

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